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Introducing "This Is Why You're Magic" by Hey Shani Paper Co.

This Is Why You're Magic

This is celebrating all things pretty, glittery, silly, weird, FUN and whimsical in every black girl and woman. This is celebrating being kind and loving on one other with our words by way of a written card and enamel pin.

Something handwritten and thoughtful can mean the world to someone we all know and love right now. This has been a rough year for us and on top of every hardship, we all mostly had to do it apart from one another. I love that we can pick up the phone or write a letter or send a gift or even drop something by to show someone we care during these times.

This was a huge joy for me to create. As a black woman and as a mother of a black children--namely a black girl who loves all things girly and having the freedom to create whatever weird or silly thing I wanted to made this a lot of fun. These are all my own designs and drawings.

I hope you all will love, enjoy and gift these!!

Tell someone why they're magic. And if you're the one in need of some encouragement and have no one else to tell you that you're magic, don't be ashamed, I will write you one my own self ^_^ !

More to come. Sign up for my emails to be in the know!

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