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8 Benefits of Being a Tall Woman Dating a Short Man

Yes, we as women have long-held our reservations about our height differences with our men—especially those of us who are tall women. I was one of them. For years. Tall women are always viewed as less feminine because we aren't quite dainty in size and so it becomes an even greater reason to desire a man who we can at least meet eyes with. It's natural as women period to desire that and even more so for us.

But let’s face it. Okay, wait. I know this is going to take some convincing, but please. Come here with me. Okay? Being taller than your man has its advantages. This is just a very short list, but short men aren't all that bad—well, some of them, but that's another story.

Actually, the more I think about it, I'm having a hard time coming up with any reasons why it's a bad idea. These are only 8 reasons but I have to say—they're quite the bonuses lol :3

1. You can boss him around.

He automatically feels subservient to you because he’s literally beneath you, Sis.

#butlerbae 🔥

2. People always think you’re a celebrity

When you’re out with a shorter, leading man, people always think you’re a professional athlete or supermodel or a prize he won. Every time. 😆 #statuesquevibes 🔥

3. Short men are easy to pet on the head.

They like this.

4. No need to check heel heights when shopping.

Get the highest ones. 🗣Your’e already taller than him, so wear the stilettos, Sis! #towerhim🔥

5. He literally looks up to you.

Forever in admiration. No matter what.

6. Short men are confident, fearless, strong and ready to defend you at any moment

— even if they can’t even fight. Those are the crazy ones, though, so, maybe don't pick these kind. 🔥

7. Easy costume ideas.

Mario & Luigi. Kevin & Eniko. Sonny & Cher. Ash & Pikachu. King Size & Fun Size chocolate bars. Mmm!

8. It helps kill the stigma that we can’t date short men.

Yes we can and yes we will 😍😂

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