Mommy: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. A 21 Day Challenge!


We always use winter time to get ready for summer–“Summertime fine” we say. But most times, reality is, when summer gets here, most of us kinda already finessed our way throughout our winter fitness plans and never really did anything. Soooo we never really got “summertime fine” and so we think it’s all over and so we just give in and enjoy the barbecues and being sloppy on the beach. Forget about it! Right?


Did you know you can get FALL time and winter time fine?
All is not lost, ladies. Health and fitness is a LIFESTYLE. So that means it does not stop because summer is here. Fall has been like summer time anyway with all the weird weather and such . But that’s another story, girl. Smh.
We can use this summer STILL to get fit and sexy–FALL time fine and you will NOT need a gym membership or any of that rich-girl fitness/IG model stuff to do it! We are going to get Falltime fine THIS summer–starting now right in our homes. All you will need is a pair of dumbbells.  I still have fitness goals to meet, but since November after the birth of our third child, I’ve lost over 45 pounds. While I am not a professional nutritionist or fitness expert, on August 14th (2 weeks from now), I am launching my very own challenge so you can do the same (and so that I can get back on track as well)! You do not have to be a mommy to join (anyone can join this challenge), but it is the Mommy: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Challenge. It’s for 21 days where you’ll get a 3 week meal and fitness plan designed to get you a head-start on living a healthy life–exercising, eating clean and reading a little about who God says you are.
This plan will include an ENTIRE 3 week meal plan, water log, workout plan, recipes and much more!
Use these next few weeks to round up your girls, join the group and get prepared (and get you a pair of dumbbells!). Make your posts including the hashtag #21DayMarvelousMommyChallenge. Take your measurements and record your goals. There will be a workout every single morning delivered to your inbox. Every week, you will receive the meal plan and verse of the week! If you do not wish to wait every single morning for the workout, you can download the entire plan here for only $10!  This book is complete with recipes and the ENTIRE challenge we will be doing.
2 weeks to share and get ready, ladies :)!