How I Buy My Household and Baby Essentials Nearly for Free

Yes, you read that correctly–I buy most of my household and baby essentials nearly for free. Using coupons on top of pricematching the lowest advertised prices at stores like Walmart and Target, I get a lot of my laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, diapers, wipes, fabric softener razors etc for a few dollars, sometimes mere cents or even free.


And I am going to tell you how. It will take a little work and effort on your part, but it is EASY!



1.Buy you some coupons!  I purchase my coupons from stores like Dollar Tree and Menards where they sell the weekend paper for $1. Get on up EARLY on Saturday or Sunday and go buy a few copies of the paper (make sure they have the coupon inserts inside). I started out buying 10-12 at a time (so that you can have 10-12 of each coupon). In each paper, you will have a RedPlum insert, a SmartSource insert and once the month, the COVETED P&G insert that comes out toward the end (definitely get to your store early for the weekend P&G comes out).  You can also find some good coupon insert sellers online

Gather all your local weekly sale ads or get the Flipp app. Flipp has all of your local sale ads all in one place! I LOVE Flipp. It allows you to circle the items you are going to purchase and price match and it categorizes them all into your “shopping list” so that you can easily access them and display them to your cashier when you get ready to show them your sale ads.


2. Look and see which sale items also have a coupon out for that week and start making your list and breakdowns. For example–at Walmart, they will often match the lowest price advertised. This bag of Tide Pods listed for $1.99 at Walgreens (screenshot from my Flipp app) and there is a coupon for $2 off of Tide Pods which will make that bag of Tide free ! If you have 10 of those coupons, you can buy 10 bags of Tide Pods only paying taxes.  Make sense?


3. Join some couponing groups on Facebook and copy the deals people share there, too. This is honestly how I learned.

4. Be sure to have your store’s pricematching and couponing policy on hand before you go. Some cashiers and even some managers aren’t aware of their store’s policies. You can easily Google those online if needed.

Easy, right?

I told you : )


Below, is a list of essentials to build your ultimate coupon binder:


3 Ring Binder

Clear sheet protectors (for any paper you store inside)

Plastic divider inserts (to section off within your binder)

Plastic pocket pages (to hold your coupons)