#ForTheCulture and for your Toddlers: Free Printable Alphabet Flash Cards and Extra Large Poster

 Alphabet Poster and Free Flash Cards Printable and Downloads


Just kidding.

But no, first of all–I am always here for any and everything that represents us.

That being said…

As black parents, I believe it’s so important to show our black children US in everything, because if we don’t, no one else will. My mom and dad always bought us brown-skinned Barbies because they wanted us to see our brown skin as beautiful, too.

Representation matters.

I believe the intentionality in things like that was part of the reason I did not grow up feeling like dark or light skin was better than the other.  I didn’t think fairer skin was prettier or that white or light skinned people are better because we were taught that Black people are everything, too. Black and brown children should see their faces on everything. Although this is not some hugely powerful testament to representation, it matters –even in little alphabet posters.



I will not go off on a tangent, so, on another note, today’s post is all about our ABCs! Yay.

My kids love the alphabet song. Lol. I just started singing it.

I created a fun, colorful alphabet poster full of cute illustrations of mine that are of objects kids can learn to recognize as well as little black boy and black girl cartoons.

The run-down…

We have a one, two and three year old (I talk about that a little here ha). They all love listening and hearing stories. The older 2 have definitely taken up great interest in words, letters and their sounds. Our baby is learning to say words and understands a great deal. Outside of reading stories, to encourage our kids to learn to sound out words and letters, I decided to make this poster. A while back, I went on a search for flash cards and an alphabet poster to hang in our kids play area and I couldn’t find one with any little brown faces! I wanted something cute, great for learning and that also had some people that represent them as little brown kiddos, too.


All of the flash cards are available for FREE to download right here and print out.

Alphabet Flash Cards

To make these durable, I always love using this laminator after printing things. It seals in the paper and doesn’t allow for any moisture or rips and tears. Much better than buying the paper cards from the store while the kids are small (babies love destroying paper!).

You can purchase the MUCH larger poster here.


We use a number of different things to teach and learn our ABCs and one of the best toys we have ever received is this. A lot of kids learn much better with toys and in play time.

Our 3 year old knows ALL of her letters and is even able to identify some words. She’s eagerly learning the sounds of words and can spell her name. She has also been working out of this book for the past year now almost and has learned to trace some letters. Amazing book to purchase and work out of while your little one is at home. Yep, even your two year old.

Some Resources:

Free, printable 4×6 flash cards to print and cut out

Great, inexpensive laminator to make your cards durable!

Extra large Poster available for purchase

Other Amazing Learning Toys we Have:

Other amazing ABC Learning Toys/Activities we have:

LeapFrog AlphaPup Toy

LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

Big Preschool Workbook

We also have these Playskool Flash Cards !

It’s not solely the jobs of teachers and specialists to teach our kiddos and to help encourage them in learning. It’s our jobs most importantly as well. This poster can be used in a nursery, in your kids playrooms or wherever they hang out most in your home.


Get these cards printed out, your poster ordered and let’s get to ABC-ingg. Yay

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