DIY Pretty Scripture Memory Cards!

When we were studying spiritual warfare and the book of Ephesians at our church, “putting on the armor of God” really hit home! Part of putting on the armor of God is knowing His Word. Attacks of the enemy can be fought simply with Truth and I have been desiring to know Truth now more than I ever have. This all has brought to memory a set of scripture memory cards I created for myself years ago. I still had them, but they’d been put away for a while– worn, ragged and weren’t as aesthetically pleasing as I’d like anymore, so I re-created my little scripture memory card deck.



Obviously, looks aren’t what’s important in this, but it does make it fun (and pretty)!

We are taught in Psalms 119 about having God’s Word hidden in our hearts. These cards are perfect for carrying around to be taken out anywhere for a read. Mine fits perfectly in the pocket of my Bible. I thought these helped me to memorize verses I wanted to have “hidden in my heart” and on hand.

You can buy your own index cards of different colors, but I created mine out of cut up sheets of different cardstock paper I already have (pink and glitter, of course). I divided up the topics I felt were most relevant and meaningful to me and assigned to them a color:





The Power of God

Supplies needed:

Index Cards (or cardstock paper cut to size)


Hole Punch

Something Pretty to Tie it All Together (can just be a string)

Any other pretty add ons you can think of!