Dear Mommy

Dear Mommy,

First of all–you were drafted into the WNBA and was one of the first women to dunk a basketball. How many people can say their mom was drafted into the WNBA and could dunk a basketball? Lol. You still hold the high-jump record in track & field at your college and you were inducted into their Hall of Fame. You could whip up a delicious, 3-tiered, gorgeously decorated wedding cake and turn right around and assist our lazy selves by helping with (or doing FOR us) any of our math homework or coming up with our science projects for us–complete with fabulous display board and full experiment.

You worked 6 days a week at the Post Office–from early morning until evening and the only thing you asked us to do was not bother you on Sundays when we went to church. You taught Sunday school there. You would cook the dinners for the fellowship after and made us vacuum and clean the pews. After service, all you wanted to do was stay after and talk to your friends (ALL. DAY. LONG). That used to make us so mad that we had to “be at church all day”, but nothing we could do lol.

You sewed for us dresses, dolls and Halloween costumes when we were kids–Jelani had the flyest Batman and Power Ranger costumes you probably ever saw. All the while trying to be a wife?

You were funny and witty. You were determined and so so so smart. When everyone was telling me to start at a community college first before a 4 year school, you and Dad were the ones who told me I could do anything I wanted to do and I did. You were strong and hardworking. You loved holidays, being festive and fun.

When I would condescendingly express my disgust and anger about the gang members and thugs hanging out on the corners, riddling our neighborhood communities, you would tell me not to because “you don’t know their story”. You were the only one besides my dad, grandma and granddad who put up with who most would deem the “deplorables” of our family–helping them with what you could.

You were the epitome of grace, being forgiving, loving and just being a truly kindhearted person to everyone. You never cursed at us, but it would sure would feel like it when we did something terribly stupid or bad and I miss you so much. You passed away the day before I started my sophomore year of college. I have my own family now and the pain that I feel is a little overwhelming at times that my children never got to meet you because I know you’d be sooo elated right now with them. When you were dying, I’d sit next to your bed and you helped me plan my own little wedding (I wasn’t even engaged yet–just having fun fantasizing). It will be 8 years on this September that you’ve been gone and you were just the most amazing woman I have ever met–hands down. Jelani, Cheshi and I joke now that you must have been a robot. Every year I get older, I feel like you just get that much cooler to me and I hope I can be at least half of the person and mother you were.


I love you and I miss you


  1. Che

    May 14, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    Beautiful read Sister bear

    1. marvelousmommy

      May 15, 2017 at 7:06 pm

      Thank you so very much, my beautiful sister! I hope you’re enjoying your NY trip! ^_^

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