6 Reasons Why I LOVE grocery shopping at Aldi

The other day when I was shopping at Aldi, a young girl about 16 or 17 turned her nose up and in THE absolute most DISGUSTED countenance asks her grandmother “UGH, Grandma, why you wanna shop at this generic store?!”

I was appalled at that point for a number of reasons:

1. *Grabs air* Whoooo are you talkin’ toooo like that ?!
2. Grandma can shop wherever she “wanna shop”!
3. Aldi may be “generic”, but it’s honestly one of the best grocery stores you can shop at for your food if you are on a budget–if not the best.

I am going to tell you why I think so here!

Growing up, Aldi was the store we as kids were not only “embarrassed” by, but their “generic” versions of all the good foods we enjoyed didn’t really taste like our favorites. What were those off-brand Cheetos? Ha. Having Cinnamon Toast Crunch instead of Cinnamon Sugar Toasts or Honey Nut Cheerios–NOT Toasted Honey Os was something to be PROUD of!

I have always loved Aldi, though. When I graduated college, I had a budget of around $50 a week or less at times and if I shopped at Aldi, I’d have more than enough to eat–good, healthy, clean meals, too. I made my own breakfasts, I packed my lunches for work and cooked my dinners when I got home if I hadn’t prepped. While I’ve always believed in Aldi, Aldi has made some major improvements all across the board over these years.

1. They have awesome carts!

Um, why does she think a cart is “awesome”? What makes an “awesome cart”. I am glad you asked. Now that I’m a mom of 3 little ones, I LOVE that they have huge, two-seater carts. Their carts are always level to the ground and always run smoothly. They’re never raggedy or malfunctioning like you’ll find at most other stores. And they’re always neatly together in their little corral nearby the door. All you need to do is bring a quarter (that you get back after you return it)!

2. Their DIAPERS are wonderful.

Their entire baby line, “Little Journey” is just great. They have organic baby food purees, organic baby snacks, formula, wipes and great diapers. Yep, I tried Aldi’s diapers. We parents are funny about diapers. But all for good reason–our babies have funny acting skin and butts, soooo you kind of have to be funny about diapers. But Aldi’s Little Journey diapers have been my go-to! They’re ONLY about $10.xx for an entire case and we LOVE them. I haven’t had any problems with leakage and they hold up well throughout the night. Can’t beat that.

3. Unbeatable quality and prices.

You–like most people may call Aldi “generic”, but just because something is name-brand does not make it better quality. Quality is what should matter when we are purchasing food for ourselves and our families. Did you know that in any of the Aldi exclusive brand food products, you will NEVER find any synthetic colors, added MSG or partially hydrogenated oils? They have a ton of items in their Simply Nature line that are ALL organic or Non-GMO Project verified. They have a great line of delicious, gluten-free options in their liveGfree brand. Their fresh meats in their “never Any!” brand guarantees no antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products ever. Their prices on their FRESH fruits and vegetables are also outstanding. You can go organic, vegan, plant-based, whatever all #forthelow

4. They don’t guarantee their quality. They double-guarantee it.

If you are not 100% happy with a food product, they will not only replace it, but they’ll refund you your money.

5. Aldi apparently was originally based in Europe, soo they have amazing chocolate.


They have great, organic snack options and juice boxes for the kids! Our kiddos LOVE the Simply Nature Organic, Lightly Salted Popcorn, the Simply Nature Kids Organic White Cheddar Puffs, the Simply Nature Kids Fruit Squeezies (in pouches) and their Simply Nature Kids Organic Juice Boxes.  Best snacks ever. And we all know how kids love to snack.


I can go on, but I just love Aldi. I hope that if you haven’t been a fan of Aldi, you give them a chance again and if you’ve never been, that you go and try them out. They’re not just some generic grocery store. They seem to actually care about providing essential, delicious foods with better, quality ingredients for their customers.

I will admit that I was a little leery about the diapers. But please try those diapers! I wouldn’t steer ya wrong ^_^


Shani <3


  1. Yvonne

    December 27, 2017 at 6:03 am

    *Grabs air* Whoooo are you talkin’ toooo like that ?!

    😀 Love it!

    1. marvelousmommy

      December 27, 2017 at 8:56 am


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